What is the price of a Day Pass?

Day Passes are $25.00 per day, per person.
How much are Season Passes?

Season Passes are $250 per person, per year.
What time is the resort open for Day Pass Guests?

The resort is open to Day Pass Guest from 11:00am - Sunset each day.
As a Resort Room Guest can I use the facilities at any time?

The pool, hot tub, and waterfall showers are open to Resort Room Guests all hours. It is important to note that the resort will not be staffed after sunset each night. You will want to gather any additional items you may need prior to the resort staff leaving for the evening.
Can a friend stay in my room with me?

Each room is priced for two guests per room. Additional overnight guests will be subject to a $75.00 additional guest fee, per person, per night.
Can I bring in outside alcohol as a Day Pass Guest?

Resort Room Guests and Season Pass Holders are welcome to bring in outside alcohol free of cost. Day Pass Guests are allowed to bring in a cooler of alcohol (no glass) for a $35.00 cooler fee.
What are the busiest days to come to the Resort?

The busiest days for the Resort are Thursday through Sunday. It is not uncommon to see 100-200 or more guys our per weekend for a fun day in the sun!
What are the best months to come?

The best time to come is anytime in late March through October. The Resort will be busy and super lively!