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Things To Do

The Ozark hills wind down to kiss the streets of Eureka Springs, AR. Victorian homes perched on the sides of hills wave to visitors walking the bluffs below. Winding through the hills for over 200 years are cobblestone streets filled with shops, museums, art galleries, working artisan studios, bakeries, craft emporiums, spas, and restaurants. Even as you walk the streets nature is all around your restoring you gently as you walk past the springs.

As you stroll through town there are opportunities at every corner to venture off up limestone steps hugging the hill to another adventurous trail around town. Those trails include hiking, biking, walking, running, & fishing and are available year-round. With a festival happening an average of every other weekend and the drag show happening every weekend at Eureka Live there is always something to do in Eureka Springs, AR!

Eureka Live Drag Show

Eureka Springs is an exceptionally friendly city to the LGBTQ+ community. One fun attraction people love to come and see is the live drag show that happens every weekend. Come and enjoy!

Eureka Springs has festivals twice a month. Car shows, music concerts, and other fun activities keep the nightlife alive in one of the most hype party scenes in Arkansas.

When you spend time in our resort, you are minutes away from some of the best fishing in Arkansas. Spend time on the rivers or in Beaver Lake catching some Zs (and hopefully some fish).

While Eureka Springs has a lot to offer, you may just want to get away from civilization and enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking is a great escape, especially in the forests and hills of Arkansas.
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